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About Me

I've known nothing but Star Wars all my life and practically live and breath it. When the concept of The Old Republic came out I exploded (not literally) and wanted to learn more. Once it is released my choice of class will definately be a trooper, maybe a vanguard later on.

I can speak english fairly well (I hope) and can carry on a conversation or two in spanish.

My love of Star Wars has moved me so much as to try and duplicate the lightsaber effect in many of my media projects.

Beastly Trooper


Normally you can catch me editing pages that mainly deal with chronology because I love history (mainly history involving lasers and sabers) OR I can be seen cleaning up articles and making them look pretty. :D


To make the bestest article ever!! And take control of the entire wiki and make it into an etch-a-sketch! >:D

But for now one of my main goals is to turn the Republic Navy page into featured article material. And also to become an admin, WooT!

Pages I want to help bring to par:

Favorite Pages

My Accomplishments

  • Joining the Wiki
  • Getting over 500 edits
  • Becoming #1 on achievements board
  • Gaining roll-back privleges


Seeing as people list what they add to the wiki, I shall list what I have done: More than I can remember

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