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I have been a Star Wars geek since I saw A New Hope for the first time somewhere in the early 80's. For the past 3 decades I have seen the Golden Trilogy at least once a year, I have been playing SW RPG, SW CCG, and read any SW novel I could lay my hands on. I have anticipated SW:TOR since I first heard the rumors about it, and thus far I am very satisfied with the feel of the whole experience.


Server : The Progenitor - EU - RP

Morgun wearing full RD-07A Spider set

Republic characters:

  • Martrim - 50 - Cyborg Male - Light Side - Vanguard Tank
  • Morgun - 50 - Mirialan Female - Light Side - Sharpshooter (This is a special project, where my friend is playing her identical twin sister Morgus, and we're doing everything together.)
  • Tenebrax - 50 - Human Male - Light Side - Sage Healer (PVE and PVP)
  • R'eya - Zabrak Female - Dark Side - Commando Healer/DPS
  • Hepzibah - Cathar Female - Guardian DPS (Providing it will be actually possible to play a Cathar Guardian. I currently reserved the name for a female Cathar character, which I will make, just hoping it will be a Guardian...)(Strongly considering making her go Dark Side.)

Empire characters:

  • Asharayya - 48 - Rattataki Female - Dark Side - Sith Sorcerer
  • Dekaren - 19 - Chiss Male - Light Side - Mercenary

Server : tba

Republic characters:

  • Asmodai - Zabrak/Rattataki Male - Jedi Guardian (This character will go pure Dark Side, and be dressed in full Trooper looking Heavy Armor, instead of the usual Jedi garbs.)
  • Valu'ura - Twi'lek Female - Jedi Sentinel


  1. Get the Starship Upgrades page up to date asap. done
  2. Create an Armor Sets page, where people can see where the corresponding pieces of each set can be obtained (vendor/quest/drop). still gathering data :(
  3. Create item-boxes to visualize items as they appear ingame. dropped for the time being
  4. Complete the Rakghoul Pandemic page.
  5. Complete the The Grand Acquisition Race page.

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