Just looking through some of the Blog posts has made me think about our policy on what, as a community, we use the blog system for and what is aloud and not aloud.

Many other wiki have forums that contributors and visitors discuss various subjects on, this is done much as a talkpage, and little represents any forum that I've ever used before, here however most users seem to favour starting a blog for such things. We have used them to discuss policy historically, publish wiki/TOR news users have introduced themselves and their have been many game aspect discussions, things that you would usually find on a forum.

My question is, should we continue this unofficial policy that has so far served us well but regulated what can and can not be said in them, and have a category structure and a time limit that disallows old topics from being resurrected, and through guide lines allows us to delete pointless blogs such as this.

Certainly going forward, as the game is released, and as the community grows people are going to want a forum for discussion and I think that we should be clear what that is going to be.