Well some expected it, some didn't, some are super exited, some don't give a damn, but TOR is going F2P. From what they have released so far it seems that they will be going the LotRO model where you can choose between a subscription or free to play, where F2P limits your access to a certain level while Subscription gives you full access plus bonuses. You will be able to purchase the content if you are F2P however. BioWare is introducing the Cartel Market, which is their version of the real money shops from other games. The curency is Cartel Coins which will be available for purchase as well as received by Subscribers every month. Furthermore BioWare is offering rewards to current, former and new subscribers of TOR. You can see all of them here. Beyond that TOR will be going on sale at retail in August for $14.99 USD which includes a free month of subscription. So that's it guys, TOR is going Free to Play. If you like that, or not, or even don't care tell us what you think in the comments bellow.

For more information on the matter you can read the press release: here.

You can check out the rewards offered as well as more information: here.

You can see a comparison of Subscription vs Free to Play: here.

And finally if you have any questions you can check out the official FAQ: here.

Please make sure to check out the DevTracker for more information as it comes along.

As always Game on!

P.S. Did someone say PARTY JAWA!!!