BioWare has announced a new initiative to encourage more new players to jump into Star Wars: The Old Republic with the Light vs. Dark event, scheduled to go live on all servers on June 28th, 2016. The event does not have a set end date, and is intended to be experiences with characters created on or after the event's start date. The focus of the event centers on the light side and dark side decisions made by players throughout the event to unlock one of two companions depending on the majority of the choices made.

Along the way, players will have the chance to earn several new titles, mounts, armor sets, and will be able to collect crates that will gift players with items from previous cartel packs, similar to the current Grand Chance Cubes.

This is a brief summation of what will be included in the event. For more details, visit's official page about the event and it's experiences.


All characters taking part in the event must be created on or after June 28th, 2016. Any characters that exist prior to the event will not be able to participate. Level 60 characters also cannot participate. In addition, if players do not have additional character slots availible, they must purchase additional ones through the Cartel Market, which could mean purchasing a subscription to apply the slot may be necessary. 

All expansions must be purchased in order to access appropriate content for later tiers. 


There are six tiers that can be completed, each with it's own set of required achievements to be collected. While most of these achievements are already in the game itself, there will be an additional section of the Legacy tab that will show these ones specifically. 

Herioc Level


  • "The Story Begins" - achieve level 25 on a participating character


  • 5 Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs (includes one “Best of” Dark or Light themed weapon, gear, mount, decoration, color crystal or dye from previous cartel packs plus either an XP Boost or Companion gift)
  • “The Heroic Victor” title

Legacy Level



  • Shade Stalker Runt pet
  • Victorious Pioneer’s Armor Set: Helm, Chest and Legs – grants +25% Bonus XP (Earn the full set to get +50% Bonus XP)
  • 10 Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs
  • "The Destined Victor" title

Valiant Level



  • Victor's Trailblazer Bike mount
  • Victorious Pioneer’s Armor Set: Belt and Bracers
  • 10 Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs
  • "The Valiant Victor" title

Champion Level


  • "Alliance Commander" - complete chapters X through XVI of Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire (NOTE: Chapters XV and XVI launch within the next month.)
  • "Building Alliances" - complete 5 Alliance recruitment missions (NOTE: "To Find a Findsman" must be completed first and does not count towards the achievement.)
  • "Flashpoint Expert" complete every flashpoint, save for the ones mentioned above, in Tactical mode (through the group finder queue)
  • "Valor" - reach Valor rank V


  • Victorious Trailblazer’s armor set
  • Victorious Pioneer’s Armor Set: Gloves and Boots
  • 15 Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs
  • “The Champion Victor” title

Eternal Level


  • "Republic Icon" - achieve level 65 on a participating Republic character
  • "Imperial Icon" - achieve level 65 on a participating Imperial character
  • "Eternal Contender" - complete the first five rounds of the Eternal Championship


  • Access to one of two exclusive companions - which one will be determined based from the amount of light side points to dark side points players have at the event's conclusion
  • 15 Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs
  • "The Eternal Victor" title

Now hold onto your butts, because this is where it gets ridiculous.

Legendary Level



  • Victor’s Titan Turret Tank mount
  • Victorious Titan’s armor set
  • 30 Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs
  • "The Legendary Victor" title

Additional Information

  • The Victorious Pioneer's armor set is unlocked in several segments over several tiers and will grant additional experience points to players wearing it (50% more XP per action when wearing full set)
  • Force-Bound Dark vs. Light Packs grant players two items total: one companion gift or experience boost, and one portion of an armor set (Upper, Supplementary or Lower), weapon, dye module, mount, decoration or weapon tuning (all are bind on pickup)
  • Companions Master Ranos and Darth Hexid are the two companions that can be unlocked upon the event's conclusion depending on the collective light side/dark side score throughout the event. Players who complete the Eternal tier are the only ones who will have access to the winning companion
  • All full armor sets, mounts, pets and companions awarded for completing tiers will be awarded to the appropriate characters upon the event's conclusion, whereas all other rewards will be delivered immediately
  • All of these rewards are not retroactive to pre-existing characters and can only be awarded to characters participating in the event (there will be an icon next to the character's name in the character select screen to denote this participation) 
  • All objectives are tracked through the legacy system with all other achievements
  • Characters can achieve level 50 and then can be deleted to make way for another character, if nessecary for players with no additional slots
  • Unlocked titles unlock for all characters in the legacy 
  • The Victorious Pioneer armor set and the Force-Bound packs are bind on pickup for the character who unlocked them
  • The winning companion and the mounts will be sent via in-game mail to all players on the account, similar to the subscription rewards for previous expansions
  • Levels can be obtained through any means and does not include story missions, although it is reccomended

What do you guys think of the Light vs. Dark event? Post a comment down below to let us know your thoughts!