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Located in an unspecified star system within the Outer Rim Territories, Vaiken Spacedock, whose namesake was Imperial Grand Moff Odile Vaiken, serves as the most identifiable space station of both the Imperial Navy and Sith Empire as a whole, as well as the primary staging port of the Imperial Expeditionary Fleet.

Station Description

Vaiken Spacedock is a large, roughly disc-shaped station which is relatively flat along its central axis. There are four docking pylons that are situated along equidistant points across the space station and a thin, cylindrical stalk that runs down from the base of the station.

Station Layout

There are several decks that comprise Vaiken Spacedock, each of which handles specific functions related to the overall function of the space station itself:

Main Deck

Inside Vaiken Spacedock, the main deck of the station is segmented into four quadrants, each of which is designated to support a specific function. The quadrants, which are connected via pathways to each other, also lead to a central concourse which houses the station's cantina and private lounge, which can be accessed via lifts spread out around the base of the cantina. There are also four elevators spread out across the concourse which provide access to private shuttle bays for special individuals.

In addition to connecting to the central concourse, the pathways also lead to three elevators which access the public docking terminals and a fourth elevator which leads to a bazaar which is run by the Hutt Cartel.

Combat Training Quadrant

This part of Vaiken Spacedock is where individuals from across the galaxy can come to collect and/or drop off completed PvP missions, as well as purchase new equipment and supplies. Players can also find class (an advanced class) trainers in this area which will allow them to learn new abilities as they level up.

This section of the station also serves as a gathering point for players either looking to group up in collective matches or just hang out, chat with each other and even brag about their exploits and prowess on the battlefield.

Crew  Skills Quadrant

This part of Vaiken Spacedock is where players can find discover and upgrade crafting, gathering and mission skills that they can utilize in-game. There are also several vendors in this area that sell supplies dedicated to crafting a wide range of items that can be found or used in-game.

Galactic Trade Network Quadrant

This part of Vaiken Spacedock serves as the central economic hub of the entire space station. It is from here that players can access the GTN, the in-game auction house where items can be bought and sold at all days and times.

This quadrant of the station also houses player cargo bays, guild banks, a speeder shop where players can purchase mechanical mounts of varying shapes and sizes and vendors who specialize in dark and light side relics, respectively.

Supplies Quadrant

This part of Vaiken Spacedock houses a number of vendors that sell specialized equipment from individual worlds across the galaxy and can only be purchased with unique commendations from said worlds. There are also four vendors that sell equipment designed for elder game content and terminals where players can collect and/or drop completed PvE missions.

There are also item modification stations found in this area, where players can take equipment to and make alterations as needed. Alterations can be made to both offensive and defensive equipment, making them more powerful, resilient to damage or any other number of factors, up to and including even cosmetic changes, making something appear in a different color.

Dropship Launch Hangar

This deck of the station is reserved for shuttle transports to one of six different in-game flashpoint locations, including:

Interfleet Transport

This deck of the station is an expansive shuttle bay where players can take a transport to either the White Nova or the Ziost Shadow, two sister vessels that are part of Vaiken Spacedock's fleet makeup.

Dromund Kaas Departures

This deck of the station houses a dedicated shuttle that can take players to the Sith capital world of Dromund Kaas. There is also a transport that allows players to access the first flashpoint of the game, The Black Talon.

Homeworld Departures

This deck of the station contains two shuttles, each of which can ferry players to their own starter world. Depending on the player class chosen at the start of the game, this will be either Hutta for Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents or Korriban for Sith Inquisitors and Warriors.

Cartel Bazaar

This deck of the station houses a large, open space that has a number of specialty vendors in who sell rare goods that can only be purchased with Cartel Market Certificates, or different reputation vendors selling goods from the Bounty Broker Association and the Bounty Supply Company.


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