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"Valkorion is an ancient Sith entity with the power to possess and control the bodies of others, using them as puppets to enforce his will on the galaxy. The Immortal Emperor is his latest mask and Zakuul his greatest, most ambitious endeavor: an idealistic playground where he can shed his past and experience a new life unburdened by archaic Sith teachings. A manipulative survivor, Valkorion pinpoints the weaknesses of both friends and enemies alike, twisting them to serve his purpose. He believes the entire galaxy is his to shape and will stop at nothing to reach his goals."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Valkorion was an alias of the former Sith Emperor, Vitiate, used as a conduit to create a new faction more powerful than the one he left behind. His new body was a Human male who was the Immortal Emperor of the Eternal Empire during and after the fall of the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire.


"A man can have everything...if he is willing to sacrifice."
Prior to the Great Galactic War, the Emperor of the Sith Empire, Vitiate, started building up the Eternal Empire on Zakuul under the name Valkorion. He planned to use the Eternal Fleet to reshape the galaxy, the Sith Empire actually being used as a "side project", with the Eternal Empire being his actual plan. During his time on Zakuul, he married Senya, a Knight of Zakuul and raised twin sons, Thexan and Arcann. After Vitiate took all life on the planet Ziost, he retreated into Wild Space to the planet  Here, he sent his sons to war against both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, eventually pushing both factions to the brink of extintion. During one such encounter on a Sith planet, an attack didn't go as planned, which led to Arcann losing his arm and half his face. In the throne room of the Eternal Empire, the twins presented their spoils of war. Valkorion took note, then turned his back on his sons, which enraged Arcann. Powered by the Dark side, Arcann leaped at his father, but got pulled back by his brother. After a swift duel, Thexan was killed. Valkorion then approached his now only son, and asked him to come with him.

Arrival of the Outlander

After the defeat of the Revanites, a joint Imperial and Republic fleet, led by Darth Marr, entered Wild Space while investigating leads potentially linked to Vitiate. Valkorion quickly noticed, and sent out the entire Eternal Fleet to engage them. After a quick battle, Marr, and an individual would be later known as the Outlander, were captured. Arcann brought them in front of the Eternal Throne, where Marr recognized Valkorion as the former Vitiate. Valkorian released Marr from his restraints and offered him mercy if Marr would only kneel, which Marr flatly refused. He only managed to kill a few guards before Valkorion hit him with a blast of Force lightning, killing him. Valkorian made the same offer to the Outlander, promising that with their obedience he would share his power with them. If the Outlander accepts, Valkorion begins the process of sharing his power, but Arcann seemingly kills him. If the Outlander refuses, Arcann is seemingly about to execute the Outlander, but instead cuts them lose from their bonds so they can both attack Valkorion. Valkorion easily defeated his son, but was seemingly killed by the Outlander with their weapon which Arcann had returned. Either way, Arcann survived the confrontation and took the Eternal Throne for himself, ordering the Outlander, who is unconscious, to be imprisoned; frozen in Carbonite for assassinating the Emperor.

While suspended in carbonite, the Outlander was met by Valkorion, telling him that he had finally shed his physical body, and reached true immortality as a Force spirit. Valkorion also revealed that Zakuul would be the new superpower in the galaxy, with an army of force users who did not follow only the light or the darkside. He, however, recognized that this was a power that Arcann misused. The Outlander was told that he was dying, and was woken up by Lana Beniko.

Behind the scenes

Valkorion first appeared in the trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire, which debuted at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 17th, 2015.'s official KotFE page, published shortly after the official announcement, supplied his name.


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