1. REDIRECT Template:Character"Deadly accurate with a blaster but had a reputation for laziness." -- Mako on Veeboo Lunx

Veeboo Lunx is a Rodian bounty hunter on the planet Tatooine, and is a character in the Bounty Hunter storyline. Lunx is a contender in the Great Hunt as is Tyresius Lokai, After Lunx shot down Lunx's ship in the middle of the desert, Lunx sent him to the Lady of Pain to get a new ship, and Lokai paid Lunx extra to exterminate the player.

The player walks into the lower level of the Varath Cantina on Tatooine, to find Lunx enjoying a dance from some twi'leks, after Lunx explains that Lokai went over to the Lady of Pain and paid him extra to kill the player, he calls on his thugs and the player defeats Lunx and his goons. The player then goes onto one of the dancers that were entertaining the now-dead Lunx, Ann'ya and find the location of the Lady of Pain.

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