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Knights of the Fallen Empire

"Many Sith have perished while defending their homeworlds from the Eternal Empire's forces, but others have taken the opportunity to create new lives elsewhere. One such person is Veeroa Denz, a Nautolan slave whose Force sensitivity saw her thrown into the harsh acolyte training on Korriban. She survived her trials and a cruel overseer only to become a target of Zakuul's soldiers when they stormed the Sith Academy. She escaped the slaughter with a bit of luck and a well-timed betrayal of her overseer and fled to Nar Shaddaa to start a new life.

Veeroa embraced the unlimited freedom of the Smuggler's Moon, offering help to other fugitives whose Force sensitivity had made them targets of the Eternal Empire's ruthless advance. Eventually, those armies arrived in orbit around Nar Shaddaa as well, and Veeroa saw her new home become a prison. She has sworn to aid the Alliance only until Zakuul is vanquished, after which she plans to resume her quiet life of freedom in the shadows.
―The Sith Refugee[src]

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