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Ven Zallow was a male Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order during the Great Galactic War.


Zallow was a Jedi commander of Republic forces against the Empire during the course of the Great Galactic War, a conflict that he used as an opportunity to train a Padawan, Aryn Leneer. While the war raged, Laneer eventually achieved Knighthood and was often separated from Zallow as the war raged across the galaxy. The war was called to a cease-fire when the Empire seemed on the retreat, and Zallow was sent to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to recover from the fatigue of war; he would later become leader and assistant to bolster the Temple's defenses, while Laneer was sent to Alderaan as part of a Jedi peace delegation to meet with Imperial representatives in hopes of ending the war.

Zallow and a group of Jedi were the first to meet an unidentified Sith Lord and his Twi'lek companion who had killed a company of guards outside the Temple entrance. All Jedi in the group were witness to a sabotaged Republic gunship crashing through the walls of the Temple entrance and revealing dozens of Sith hidden inside. The following battle marked the beginning of the Sacking of Coruscant, as Sith and Imperial forces battles the shocked Jedi and Republic troops inside the Temple, with Zallow and the first Sith, later identified by Aryn Laneer as Darth Malgus, fighting through the hordes of forces to reach each other. When they did, Malgus fought with brute strength and vicious melees, while Zallow kept controlled and slipping in a blow when he could past the Sith's red wave of hate.


The fight escalated toward the now-destroyed Temple entrance, where Zallow could see that Imperial forces were laying waste to Coruscant's cityscape. Hoping to draw Malgus in, Zallow hoped to end the fight quickly, but Malgus anticipated Zallow's final killing blow and gutted Zallow above the abdomen. Malgus retracted his blade, leaving Zallow to die from his wound.

On Alderaan, Aryn Laneer felt the pain of Zallow's death and flew into a rage, suddenly knowing that Coruscant was under Imperial occupation.

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