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Sith Empire Vexx's Safe House Sith Empire

Entrance to Vexx's Safe House

Bounty Hunter Story Area

Allegiance Sith Empire
Planet Hutta
Area Jiguuna

Vexx's Safe House is a story area located in the town of Jiguuna, a settlement on the planet Hutta controlled by the gangster Nem'ro the Hutt. The safe house is used by a Corellian gunslinger nmaed Vexx, wanted for robbing several Imperial military pay stations.[1]


In order to win the support and sponsorship of Nem'ro the Hutt in the upcoming Great Hunt, former bounty hunter Braden has instructed his tech specialist to locate a local bounty to bring in. Mako has identified Vexx, a Corellian gunman wanted by the Empire for theft of credits. Vexx maintains a safe house in the town of Jiguuna, and Braden hopes the man left some clue behind that will pinpoint his location.[1]




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