"Fierce, ravenous, and seemingly primitive, the Flesh Raiders of Tython instill fear like few other sentient species–and for good reason. The Vigilant, however, is far more than any mere Flesh Raider. Commissioned by Special Executive Rasmus Blys, the Vigilant is a merciless combination of nature and technology designed for the sole purpose of protecting CZ-198 and its many secrets. When an attempt to infiltrate CZ-198 by a corporate saboteur resulted in the collateral deaths of more than four dozen Czerka employees, Blys was forced to outfit the Vigilant with stricter restraint protocols. Still, with the facility’s formidable defenses hardwired to the Vigilant’s enhanced brain, it is easily the deadliest living creation in Czerka’s arsenal."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

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