Vine cats
Vine cats
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Haruun Kal


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"The heavily armored, sharp-toothed vine cat can pounce up to eight meters and has been known to tear a sleen apart in less than ten seconds. It's armored frill and hide protect it against larger predators such as the jurgoran, and it's claws make it an expert climber when it needs to get away. The vine cat was introduced to Dromund Kaas by the early Sith from the dark forest world of Ziost and is responsible for wiping out three of Dromund Kaas's native herbivorous species to date."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

Vine cats are a race of felinoid reptomammal animals native to the planets Haruun Kal and Ziost respectively. They come in half a dozen species. Their skins are sometimes cured to make leather.


The savage Vine cats are nearly insatiable. Their large size requires them to feed often, and they've evolved into efficient and clever hunters. Long, Heavy tails provide them with extraordinary Balance; They are as comfortable scaling rocky cliffs as they are leaping from tree to tree. Possessed of large, razor-sharp claws and a ferocious bite, vine cats have been known to tear the heavily armor sleen apart in less than ten seconds. With a compact muscular structure and the ability to leap eighty meters or more, the vine cat is never to be underestimated.

The vine cats have been introduced to new world by the Sith, who prize them for their ferocity and cunning. The beasts adapt remarkably well to new environments, from the dark forest of their native Ziost to the spawns of Dromund Kaas. This adaptability has proven unfortunate for many native species introduced to vine cats, such as the Scrapbeak Groundling, driven to extinction within a mere three months of contact. The Sith have an appreciation for this show of strength and domination, and it's likely they will continue carrying these creatures with them to new worlds.

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The codex entry can be added by killing a Savage Vine cat, found on the Initiates Path in the centre of The Wilds.


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