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Virulence, relative Dirty Fighting is one of three Ranged DPS Discipline for Snipers and Gunslingers. It is one of 18 different DPS Disciplines. The two support buffs for the raid are Marked and Assailable. Its strength is DoT.

List of Virulence\Dirty Fighting Skills[]

Skill Virulence Skill Dirty Fighting Level Activation
[Corrosive Grenade] [Shrap Bomb] 10 Active
[Corrosive Dispersion] [Extra Shrapnel] 12 Passive
[Lethal Dose] [Black Market Equipment] 16 Passive
Utility Point 17 Passive
[Adhesive Corrosives] [Feelin' Woozy] 20 Passive
[Lethal Injectors] [Open Wound] 24 Passive
Utility Point 25 Passive
[Cull] [Wounding Shots] 26 Active
[Lethal Purpose] [Fighting Spirit] 28 Passive
[Corrosive Microbes] [Mortal Wound] 32 Passive
Utility Point 33 Passive
[Hew] [Cheap Shots] 36 Passive
[Targeted Demolition] [Bombastic] 40 Passive
Utility Point 41 Passive
[Weakening Blast] [Hemorrhaging Blast] 42 Active
[Razer Rounds] [Reopen Wounds] 44 Passive
[Devouring Microbes] [Cold Blooded] 48 Passive
Utility Point 49 Passive
[Lethal Takedown] [Dirty Shot] 52 Passive
[Toxic Regulators] [Concussion] 56 Passive
Utility Point 57 Passive
[Lethal Shot] [Dirty Blast] 58 Active
[Corrosive Mine] [Incendiary Mine] 60 Passive
[Caustic Substances] [Gushing Wounds] 64 Passive
Utility Point 65 Passive