Voidstar is a level 10 Player vs Player Warzone that is assault style where two eight man teams take on the roll of either attackers or defenders.[1] The warzone takes place on the starship of the same name. The Voidstar is a derelict Imperial Battle Cruiser that disappeared during the Great War. The ship is believed to contain the schematics to a powerful weapon. Now that it's been rediscovered floating in the depths of space, both the Empire and the Republic are racing to take control of the vessel and access the secrets stored in its memory banks.[2]

The main goal of the warzone is to be the first team to download the information from the computer core, which is deep inside the ship. The teams can be of the same faction. The warzone is split into rounds, with the attackers and defenders switching roles each round. Rounds end when the time limit is up or the attacking team reaches the computer core.

The winner of the warzone is whichever faction reaches and downloads the computer core the fastest. The match can also end as soon as the Round 2 attacker's progress exceeds the progress made by the other team in Round 1. If no team is able to download the core within a set amount of time, the faction that is the closest to doing so will win. In the case of both teams reaching the same objective in their respective attacking rounds, the team who reached the objective in the shortest time wins.

In order to advance to the computer core the attacking team must arm explosives on either of two doors then prevent the defending team from disarming them. There are several stages that the attackers have to breach in order to reach the datacore as they progress through the ship. It starts with two sets of doors in the hangar separated by what seems like a broken walkway down the middle. Once either of those two doors are blown open the door that wasn't armed will open as well. After the hangar area the attacking and defending team proceed to a small area  where holo-shields and a large pit prevent them from advancing. The attacking team must use two data terminals in order to lower the holo-shields and extend a bridge to get to the other side. It should be noted that after the first set of doors in the hangar are blown open the defending and attacking team will stop spawning in the hangar. The defending team's new spawn area is actually across the large pit with the attacking team's spawn area being placed in the newly unlocked area.

Only one bridge needs to be extended to allow access to the other side but extending one bridge does not extend the other (unlike the doors that both open regardless of which one was armed). Both bridges will need to be extended individually if the attacking team wants quicker access to the second set of doors. Once the second set of doors are open the spawns are once more pushed back and another area is unlocked. The attackers must once more lower a set of holo-shields in order to gain access to the third and final set of doors. There are three terminals that lower three different sections of the holo-shields. Each terminal only lowers its own set of shields and each terminal will need to be activated individually if all of the shields are needing to be lowered. The attacking team only needs to lower one set of shields in order to advance to the doors.

Once the final set of doors are open any player of the attacking team can run down the hallway and access the computer core thus ending the round.





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