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"The Voss are a newly discovered humanoid species with a strong affinity for the Force–though they don’t recognize it as the Force. Confined to a single city, Voss-Ka, on their homeworld, they possessed a pre-spaceflight level of technology until their recent discovery by the Republic and the Empire. Today, they have begun integrating outsider advances into their own culture, but remain isolated and backward compared to the rest of the galaxy. Voss society is difficult for outsiders to comprehend, as they are guided in everything they do by the infallible visions of their Force-using Mystics. This unwavering obedience is often misinterpreted as a stoic fatalism or a lack of emotion, but beneath their reserved words and placid exterior the Voss are a passionate and devoted people. The Voss share their world with the far larger Gormak population, and considered the tribal Gormak to be little more than beasts. While the Voss readily acknowledge the threat the Gormak represent to their society and constantly war against them, there is never any consideration given to wiping them out entirely–as Mystic law clearly states that the last Gormak must never die."
―In-game Codex (Species)[src]

The Voss are a race of humanoids native to the planet with the same name. They live in Voss-Ka, a city on top of a mountain, and are led by the Force-wielding Mystics.


These mystics have visions of the future which are always correct. The rest of the community places unconditional trust in these leaders. Thus, the society is essentially totalitarian - there are no arguments against a Mystic’s vision. Yet the people are content. This condition may lead to situations that are disconcerting to outsiders who do not share that same degree of trust.

During the ongoing conflict with the Gormak, the Mystic's visions have led to the development of a commando cadre able to bring their views of the future to reality.

The Voss are a meditative people, who appear strangely unconcerned about their embattled position. They're communal, rather than individualistic. Their highly colorful skin pigmentation stands as a distinct difference from the general Voss ecology, a fact which some take as evidence of Vossian lineage from another location. In contrast to skin coloration, Voss art styles are often monochromatic, although rich with pattern-based symbolism. Voss marriage customs are critical to their survival, as the species does not mature sexually until the marriage rituals are performed. Similarly, Voss funereal rites are extreme, public displays of emotion, a stark contrast to the reticence typical of the Voss people.


The Voss have a small population, vastly outnumbered by their fellow inhabitants, the Gormak, who see them as an aberration. For years they have fended off constant assaults from the Gormak.

Following the Great Galactic War, the Sith Empire attempted to invade Voss. The Republic tried to prevent this by occupying the planet, but the Voss Mystics were able to fend off both assaults with the aid of their Force visions. Following the battle, both the Republic and Empire established embassies in Voss-Ka as a bid to earn Voss support in the ongoing cold war.



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