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Galactic Republic Commander Vray Galactic Republic

Commander Vray

Strong Level 10 Ranged NPC (Strong)

Allegiance Galactic Republic
Species [[Duros]]
Gender Male
Health 1275
Planet [[Ord Mantell]]
Region [[Fort Garnik]]

[[Category:Ord Mantell NPCs]][[Category:Duros NPCs]]

Commander Vray is a Duros soldier encountered on the planet Ord Mantell. He's posted at Fort Garnik and has been charged with eliminating separatist activity along the road between Garnik and Drelliad Village.

Missions[edit | edit source]

The separatist militia has posted a number of snipers along the road between Drelliad Village and Fort Garnik. These snipers select targets indiscriminately, gunning down soldiers and civilians alike. Commander Vray has offered a considerable bounty to anyone willing to retire the snipers and clear the road.

Mission objective
Galactic Republic [3] Snipe Hunt

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