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Republic.png Commander Vray Republic.png
Commander Vray.png
Commander Vray

Silver.png Level 10 Ranged NPC (Strong)

Faction Galactic Republic
Species Duros
Gender Male
Health 1275
Planet Ord Mantell
Region Fort Garnik
Status Alive
Introduced Star Wars: The Old Republic

Commander Vray is a Duros soldier encountered on the planet Ord Mantell. He's posted at Fort Garnik and has been charged with eliminating separatist activity along the road between Garnik and Drelliad Village.


The separatist militia has posted a number of snipers along the road between Drelliad Village and Fort Garnik. These snipers select targets indiscriminately, gunning down soldiers and civilians alike. Commander Vray has offered a considerable bounty to anyone willing to retire the snipers and clear the road.

Mission objective
Republic.png [3] Snipe Hunt

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