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Wampa ice creatures

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"The fearsome wampa is Hoth’s apex predator. These surprisingly intelligent beasts pose a major hazard to unwary travelers, especially those wandering near unexplored caves. More than one combat patrol has vanished after seeking shelter in a seemingly unoccupied ice cavern. Among fresh arrivals to the planet, horror stories circulate of men swallowed whole by these towering creatures. The more terrifying truth is that wampas prefer fresh meat and rarely kill a victim outright, instead stunning or incapacitating prey. Future meals are dragged back to a wampa’s lair and suspended immobilized from the cave’s ceiling. Wampa victims may have hours or even days to contemplate their eventual fates."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

Wampas, also known as Wampa ice creatures, are a race of carnivorous predatory reptomammal animals native to the planets Hoth, Rishi and Copero respectively. The bipedal beasts stand over two meters in height with shaggy white fur constantly stained by the blood and guts of slaughtered prey. Wampas are armed with jagged yellow teeth and deadly claws. Primarily solitary hunters, wampas occasionally hunt in packs, preferring to ambush their prey from the camouflage of Hoth's snow banks and blizzards. Stunned victims are carried back to the creatures' lairs, typically large ice caves, where the wampas eat at their leisure.

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