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Watcher X
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deceased (unconfirmed)
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Nar Shaddaa (last known confirmed)
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Watcher X was genetically altered while in the womb as part of a joint Imperial Intelligence-Science Bureau initiative. His family was chosen by the project, and he was subjected to a series of additional procedures during maturation. By adolescence, he showed a keen mind and strong physical aptitude. Watcher X joined Imperial Intelligence at the age of twenty-one and worked at several high-profile positions within the organization before Operation: Undertow caused his service to be re-evaluated. Despite his past successes, Undertow’s bloody end marked Watcher X as a danger to fellow personnel. He was redesignated and assigned to Shadow Town.


Watcher X suffers from an inability to control his own intellect, compulsively analyzing situations and studying even the most unlikely outcomes. This manifests in acute paranoia and sociopathic tendencies. Watcher X feels betrayed by the Empire, and agents dealing with him should not rely on Watcher X’s sense of duty. |In-game Codex (Persons of Note)|Star Wars: The Old Republic}}

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