Master Orgus Din is being held prisoner by Bengel Morr somewhere near the ancient Forge . T7′s scans located a likely holding area inside the Forge entrance along the way to the Forge. Using T7′s scans, you must search the area in the Forge entrance along the path to the ancient Forge and find where Master Orgus is being held.


  • Investigate The Forge Entrance
  • [Bonus] Remnants Invasion
  • [Bonus] Forge Ahead
  • Head to the Ancient Forge
  • Defeat Bengel Morr
  • Speak to Bengel Morr
  • Speak to Master Orgus
  • Construct your Lightsaber
  • [Bonus] Putting your new weapon to use
    • Defeat the Forge Guardian
  • Report to the Jedi Council


XP +3050

Credits Credits (210)

Light side icon +150 or Dark side icon +150

1 Simple Medium Credit Box

[Bonus] Remnants Invasion XP +337

[Bonus] Forge Ahead XP +868

[Bonus] Defeating the Forge Guardian XP +981

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