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Witness Protection

Level 9 mission

Planet [[Ord Mantell]]
Area [[Fort Garnik]]
Start [[Milo Phipps]]
End [[Milo Phipps]]
Bonus Galactic Republic [9] Weaken the Stronghold

Witness Protection is a level 9 mission available to player characters belonging to the Galactic Republic faction. It can be obtained from Milo Phipps at Fort Garnik on Ord Mantell.


Milo Phipps, a retired Republic Senator in Fort Garnik, wants a pirate named Veem Set rescued from the separatists. Veem has information on the separatists that could be useful to the Republic, but he was captured and taken to their stronghold."

"Milo has referred you to Lieutenant Bendick for more information on how to find and free Veem.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Witness Protection mission description


  • Choice: "So are we going to get out of here now or what?"
Light Side Icon.png +100 "Go!"
Dark Side Icon.png +100 "No, you're dead."
  • Choice: "So what'll it be, dog? Are you really going to kill me, and put your own head on the Republic's chopping block?"
Light Side Icon.png +100 "No, I was out of line. "
Dark Side Icon.png +100 "Yes."


Notable quotes[]

Let's keep this quick and quiet, shall we? I'm Milo Phipps, Strategic Information Service, former Senator, one-time governer of Dantooine.
~ Milo Phipps

Veem Set is filth--bloodthirsty, ruthless filth. And he's a war criminal. His ships have been screwing up Republic supply routes for years--countless people have died because of him. He took out my brother's battle cruiser, killed thousands more. The Republic should be planting his head on a stake, not offering him protection.
~ Lieutenant Bendick

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