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Yavin 4

Seat of the Empire

Allegiance: Independent
Terrain: Jungle and swamps
Key facts: Very strong in the dark side of the Force

Yavin 4 is a planet located in the Seat of the Empire. It was introduced with the Shadow of Revan expansion.


More than two dozen moons orbit the Outer Rim gas giant Yavin. Of those moons, the one designated Yavin 4 is by far the most habitable, supporting a vast array of flora and fauna within its lush and endless jungles.

Yavin 4 also holds a great deal of interest to the Jedi and the Sith. For well over a thousand years now, the dark side of the Force has flowed through Yavin 4 in an ever-increasing magnitude. But those who visit the moon's deadly rainforests and swamps in search of an explanation for the phenomenon rarely return, and never with any answers.

Codex entries[]

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Yavin 4 has 16 codex entries: 2 bestiary, 1 locations, 8 lore, 1 organizations, 2 persons of note, and 1 species.


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