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Galactic Republic Master Yuon Par Galactic Republic

Master Yuon Par

Faction: Galactic Republic
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Planet: Tython, Coruscant
Region: Jedi Temple

Yuon Par is a Human Jedi Master. She is found in the Jedi Temple throughout most of her time in the game. This NPC plays a main role throughout your early game experience by guiding your character with knowledge and the first story line quests. You soon learn of Yuon's Trandoshan friend, Qyzen Fess. As the story goes on, you find out that many Jedi disagree about their friendship because of how the Trandoshan race can be mercenaries for hire. She tells you about the friendship in hopes that you will accept it. Later into the game, Yuon Par moves to the planet of Coruscant.


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