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"A renowned archaeologist and tireless explorer, Jedi Master Yuon Par is one of the order’s most respected scholars. She specializes in the pre-history of the Jedi Order and has recovered several major artifacts, including the surviving Gharnus Texts and a holocron compiled by Odan-Urr. Yuon once taught the history of Jedi philosophy at the temple, but in recent years she has returned to working in the field. Yuon’s search for lost Jedi ruins and artifacts has brought her into contact with dozens of different cultures. She has negotiated with warring Gamorrean clans and was even made blood sister to a Kaleesh chieftain. Some Jedi have expressed concern at Yuon’s rather unorthodox methods and teaching style, but no one questions her devotion to the Jedi Order."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Master Yuon Par was a Female Human Jedi Consular, who served the Galactic Republic during the Cold War. She acted as the master and mentor for Jedi Padawans on Tython, and an ambassador for the Jedi Order to other parties visiting the planet.


Early Life

Yuon Par trained as a Jedi for the majority of her life on Tython. During the last course of her training, she was exploring the ruins of an ancient library when she encountered the Trandoshan hunter Qyzen Fess. Qyzen was timid with approaching the Jedi Order at first, only working with them for small trades, but he fast forged an alliance with the Order through Yuon, and the two would eventually become friends.


Yuon was scheduled to receive a new Padawan when the Flesh Raider species began to assault Jedi territory. Wanting to have a more structures training regimen for her new student, but resigned to the fact that the Force drives all things, she sent her charge an several tasks that would help explain the Flesh Raider attacks.

Upon the discovery by her Padawan of the Fount of Rajivari, she asked her apprentice and Qyzen Fess, who had teamed up with the Consular to help explore the deeper parts of Tython, to speak to the Jedi Council about their findings. When these discoveries were made manifest to Yuon, she collapsed as the result of a then-unknown condition while pronouncing the Consular as a full Jedi.


Yuon was sent to Coruscant to receive medical attention at the Senate Building, where she raved about a dark presence in her mind. It becomes clear to the Counsular that the condition that she suffers from has something to do with the dark side. The hallucinations were so powerful they prompted an attack from Yuon on the Consular. After the Consular found a cure by consulting with the Noeticons in the ruins of the Old Jedi Temple, Yuon was cured. She later says that her time on Coruscant was all a blur to her.

Yuon remained to confirm that the disease afflicting her was no longer an issue, then returned to Tython.


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