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Zeer was a Human male who worked for the Black Sun criminal organization during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.


Zeer was hired as a member of Black Sun during the Cold War. He, along with several other members of the Coruscant gang, were hired by Doctor Eli Tarnis to stage a fake kidnapping from the Senate Tower. Zeer and his men were able to make off with Tarnis, tripping enough security alerts to trick Coruscant Security into believing the kidnapping. Kira Carsen, the Padawan of Jedi Master Bela Kiwiiks, led a team to attempt to recover Tarnis, but Zeer and his men only shot at them when they approached.

While Black Sun and Coruscant Security were locked in a stalemate, Zeer aided Tarnis in escaping the hanger in which the syndicate had set up for the kidnapping. Another Jedi arrived at the hanger and broke through Zeer's defenses with the help of Carsen. Zeer, noticing that Carsen was attempting to use a stealth field generator to sneak up on the remaining men, shot Carsen's nearly-invisible form and destroyed the generator. The distraction allowed for the Jedi to overwhelm him.

Carsen and the Jedi celebrated their teamwork, then the Padawan asked for permission to use The Force to influence Zeer to give up the information he was keeping from them. When the Jedi agreed, Zeer panicked when Carsen attempted to "read his mind" and told them of Tarnis' escape to Black Sun territory. The Jedi left, leaving Zeer and his remaining men in the custody of Coruscant Security.

Behind the scenes

The Jedi Knight can deny Carsen the ability to trick Zeer into revealing the information by interrogating him personally using a dark side action.


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